Sunday Selfie #5 01.29.17

Welcome to Sunday Morning Selfie! My name is Joe Bryant and I started this page as a place to hold myself accountable for decisions that affect my weight and overall health.

I snap a quick photo and share my weight here every Sunday morning. My theory is that many of us use Sunday to work on the souls and spirit, so why not also spend a minute thinking about ways to improve the body.

If you are a weekly reader who likes to check the numbers primarily I will share that part first. As of this morning I weigh exactly, according to my bathroom scale…. drum roll…. 237 lbs. That is a two pound loss. I am happy to continue to report weekly success but know in my heart it should have been at least a four pound loss except for the events of yesterday and that is the first thing I would like to discuss.

Feeding off of the News Cycle

I identified a eating trigger for me yesterday and I am wondering if any of you can identify. I use world events and “Big News” as an excuse to eat.

Yesterday started perfect with a 30/10 pancake and coffee but ended in a blur of chips with Artichoke dip. While I was not guzzling whiskey and mainlining Hershey bars I did use the anxiety and excitement created by the Presidents Executive Orders as an excuse to have a few snacks.

As I reflected on this I realized that it can be something much smaller than flagrant overstepping of power to trigger my urge to eat and cheat. Hearing Steve Pool say it might snow can sometimes be enough to make my mouth water for extra calories.

Is there anyone else who is triggered to eat by outside news events they have no control over? How do we take a step away from these thoughts and not take a step towards the fridge when news breaks?

Let me know what you think and I will also be interested to get 30/10 Co-Founder Dr. Linda DeGroot’s take when I go in for my “official” weigh in this week. (SMS disclosure. The numbers I report on this Blog are simple Bathroom Scale readings that I round up or down to the even pound. At 30/10 the weight is precise and muscle mass, body fat ratio and much more is documented weekly)

The eating program at 30/10 Renton is easy to follow and I am thinking there will be a tape on eating triggers I should be listening to when I go in Wednesday morning. But before I do that there is something VERY exciting I get to participate in Tuesday….the birth of a brand new radio station!

889 The Bridge Arrives Tuesday at Noon !

When I starting teaching I had no idea what of an incredible adventure I was signing up for.

I was handed a HUGE hunk of keys, a textbook called “The Radio Station” and a class of 22 kids. Now it’s 18 months later and i have two classes and 43 students!

It took me awhile to figure out what was the best way to go with my program but eventually decided building a station that would be an asset to the MI community AND the local music community was the way to go.

My students and I are transforming a Hit Top 40 station into a multi-generational station that we hope many people all over the world will enjoy. Please visit our website to listen online or download out Apple or Android App.

You can also listen all around Seattle on 94.5 FM and om MI and the Eastside at 88.9 of course.

We are still Bridge Building and getting ready for the launch Tuesday at noon so I will leave you with this inspiring video that will be released next week. It does an excellent job explaining the mission of The Bridge and one of my big reasons for seeking better health and a long life. Watch it HERE.

Well, we made it thru January, Sunday Morning Selfie is still a thing and I am 19 pounds lighter than when I woke up on New years Day and started this page. I’ll take that!

Remember to let me know how you deal with eating triggers from the outside world you have no control over, please listen to my kids and noon Tuesday, and we will type at you again next week!

Cheers, Joe


4 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie #5 01.29.17

  1. I totally agree outside world can trigger unhealthy eating. I also ate more then I should have Yesterday. I had a big bowl of spoon size shredded wheat and berries. Been trying to stay away from any kind of natural sugar or any kind of sugar
    Your doing awesome Joe keep up the good work
    Looking forward to the new station

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  2. Great job on the healthy living Joe! I’m looking forward to reading about your journey every week! Bravo on the work you are doing at Mercer Island High School. I will definitely be tuning in to listen to the radio station when it goes on air Tuesday.


  3. These past few days have been sobering and have sent me into depression- yet with the True Americans raising to this challenge it gives hope.
    Comfort food has called my name a few times ๐Ÿ˜–
    I am proud of you and stand with you in both weight and hope.
    As of today I am down 13.5 pounds since January 1st ๐Ÿ˜€
    I challenge my self to focus that energy into positive works within our community
    So VERY proud of your students and look forward to some great tunes๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. You go Joe! I haven’t fully committed to my weight loss for this year yet. I have a lot of personal stuff on my plate right now “. That, combined with the current unrest in our county, means that “eating for comfort” still controls me more the other way round. But your words are truly an inspiration. Keep it up!


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