Happy Spring Sunday!

Travel and Holiday has prevented me from weighing and publishing Sunday Morning Selfie for a couple of weeks and I am out of pocket again today.

 Next Sunday I vow that the SMS routine will be back on track. 

While this is not a selfie it is a nice shot from the Conference Center I am currently at in Seabeck, Washington. 

I am with my friend BJ Shea learning how to be a better person at the gathering of 21st Century Men.

 I will share what I learn with you next week when I get back to my computer and scale. 

 One thing I will share now is that Man Retreat food is very good and plentiful. I have some serious work ahead getting back on track after all the trips and quirks of schedule and diet.

 More to come next week…

  Happy Sunday! Joe

One thought on “Happy Spring Sunday!

  1. Joe I think they could learn a lot from you on being a better Man in my book your already at the top of the list. Have fun hope we can get together some day soon


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