Sunday Selfie #21 07.23.17

Happy Summer Sunday Morning! My name is Joe Bryant and I am a Seattle area teacher and broadcaster that started this blog on New Years morning as a way to be accountable to myself with the lifestyle choices I make. I have battled obesity my entire adult life and resolved to make 2017 the year I finally win that battle.

 Every Sunday (or at least most of them) I snap a quick photo and weigh myself. Ideally the photos and numbers on the scale will get smaller as the weeks pass. To track how that’s going you can look for SMS every week at this site. Thanks for reading!

She’s In !!!

Last week I mentioned that my daughter Emily and I went to visit my mom in Tucson and also checked out the University of Arizona. Emily immediately seemed to feel at home on the campus and after taking the official tour on our second day visiting declared that her goal would be to someday become an Arizona Wildcat.

I was so THRILLED that she finally had found her school that would really motivate her to leave High School behind and look forward to what is ahead. The admissions deadline for UA was May 1st so we assumed the plan would be to return to Seattle, attend Bellevue college in the fall and work towards that dream of someday transferring and being a Wildcat. 

After the tour we were informed by Admissions that in some cases you could be admitted even after the official deadline and it would never hurt to apply. All you were really risking was the fee. (plenty of fees in higher education for sure). So when we returned to Seattle Emily jumped online and went thru the application process. With it being so late in the year and also with this being the top school in Arizona with the toughest Admissions requirements neither of us really thought she would be accepted. Don’t get me wrong. Emily is a WAY better student than I ever was and graduated with a 3 point something from a very good High School. But her best grades and strengths were in Music, Drama and Communications classes. The core things such as Math, Science and English  were solid but not stellar and sometimes stellar is what is required when it comes to being accepted.

After two plus weeks had passed with no word I gently suggested that the clock is ticking and we need to get registered for Bellevue in the fall so she got online and filled out the admissions paperwork. On Monday morning she received an email confirming her Bellevue admission and registration info and we were apparently on our way.

Then I visited the mailbox and THIS letter came! Emily has been offered a spot in the University of Arizona Freshman Class of 2017!!! School starts with an orientation on 8/15 and classes begin on 8/21 so the Bryant family is now scrambling to get Wildcat ready!

Bear Down UA 2021 !!!

If you know me or feel you know me thru reading this blog you are probably aware that I am a person of faith that firmly believes things happen in our lives that really can only be explained by realizing that God, or whatever you care to call it, will guide you and that things happen for a reason even though we may not always exactly understand the reasons at the time. This was another example of that.

Why did I decide to DRIVE my mom home to Tucson in 110 degree heat with Emily in tow after she visited Seattle for Emily’s High School graduation? The logical thing to do would have been to have my mom book a return flight but, for some reason I felt a long drive was needed. After spending time at her house she mentioned to Emily that since she had come all that way she might as well go take a peek at the UA campus. We did not go with the intention of her becoming a Wildcat but that is what happened and it is something that neither Emily nor I would have remotely dreamed to be her destiny 30 days ago. Life can really be exciting and HUGE changes can come when you least expect it sometimes.

I am so proud of Emily and am thrilled that Kelli and I get to be Wildcat parents! I attended Central Washington and never achieved a degree so I have never really had a school to “root” for. In our area there are many passionate Husky and Cougar alums and fans but I was never really either. I liked both and would cheer for them to win football games etc. but NOW I have a school I can really support. (and believe me, with the cost of housing and tuition we will be sending them PLENTY of support but this will be worth it in every way and I am so pleased that Emily will have the opportunity to get a great education AND experience a big time University and all it has to offer.) She will Bear Down in her studies and I am excited to be able so spend more time in Tucson with two of my favorite ladies, my mom and daughter. And its not ALWAYS 110 degrees there. I am thinking when we visit for family weekend in October it’s going to feel pretty darn good compared to rainy Seattle!

More Cowbell

Last week I mentioned that there was lots of great FREE music coming our way and I hope some readers took advantage. Wednesday our friend and resident Rock and Roll Hall of fame drummer Alan White played an incredible show with his band White in Newcastle. The show packed Lake Boren park with what I would estimate to be around 3,000 people on a perfect summer evening. Those who arrived early were treated to an exceptional opening set by Exapsos, the brother sister duo of Leah and Zane Raissis. Leah was the Program Director of KMIH before graduating this year from Mercer Island High (same age as Emily) and is now working for CBS radio. Her radio skills are excellent but what she REALLY excels at is being a total Rock Star and if you were at the White show in Newcastle OR at Spike and the Impalers last night in North Bend you know exactly what I am talking about!

Alan and Gigi were so gracious to offer her a showcase at Newcastle and Spike, Jeff Kathan and crew were super cool to invite her to sing with the band last night! She did Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin  and TOTALLY tore it up. Leah will be posting a video of the performance and you will want to see it for sure.

Also, for the first time in a couple of years there was Cowbell heard in the streets of North Bend. Spike had me get up and bang on Whole Lotta Rosie. I don’t think that is technically a cowbell song but I suppose it is now! I am told a video of this moment may also surface at some point!.In the meantime here are a couple of pics from these two great events.

More Cowbell
Exapsos at Newcastle

Exapsos debut album will be out later this year, YES is hitting the road next month with Todd Rundgren and Spike and the Impalers are gigging hard all the time. If you are a music fan I encourage you to keep an ear out for all of the above!

Once again these were not events I foresaw happening a week ago and I am thankful to all the folks offering these young artists an opportunity and also thankful to the divine guidance that seems to have things work out the way they should. This year I am striving to integrate my family life, former radio guy life and teacher life all into one bundle.

 To see my former student thriving in the world of radio and music with the help of all the great folks I know is super fulfilling and reinforces to me that somehow I must be doing something right. 🙂

Terry’s Kitchen

I am back on 30/10 Weight Loss for Life and doing GREAT, which we will discuss shortly but first I must give kudos to a new restaurant that just opened in my neighborhood. Terry’s kitchen could be a bit of a stumbling block to weight loss as it it within stumbling distance of my house and the food and drink is INCREDIBLE. 


Terry has had his challenges opening and navigating the City of Bellevue permitting process, (don’t get me started on THAT. I have some issues with these guys as well that may be the topic of a future blog), but the restaurant part of what eventually will also be a billiards parlor is up and running with a limited menu. Kelli and I LOVE this place and highly recommend you give it a try. She is big on the Chicken Curry and I think the Grilled Wasabi Salmon might be one of the best things I have put in my mouth in a long time. They have awesome chicken wings, burgers, fried rice, chow mien etc and you will meet no nicer proprietor of a dining establishment that Terry. Terry’s Kitchen is in Newport Hills at the top of 119th Avenue  on the west side of the street and I promise that if you go once you will go back. Kelli and I have made three trips so far this week alone which leads me to…


My Current Weight

With the exception of my excursions to Terry’s Kitchen I have been diligently following my 30/10 Weight Loss for life routine and have also made a point to get in lots of lap swimming and some bike riding this week. My current wight this morning is … drumroll… 225 pounds! That is three pounds less than last Sunday and a few steps back in the right direction. Kelli and I will be attending Orientation with Emily on 8/15 in Tucson and both see that as a great motivator. I plan to FINALLY break thru and leave the 220’s behind before that day comes.

I am super grateful to Dr. Linda at 30/10 in Renton for supporting me in my weight loss journey and know that, as long as I keep my trips to Terry’s less frequent than my trips to the swimming pool , I have an opportunity to FINALLY become a Height/Weight proportionate person for the first time in decades. And I will do so just in time to be a proud Wildcat Dad!!!

Bear Down!!! Joe





One thought on “Sunday Selfie #21 07.23.17

  1. We went to Terry’s place last nice very yummmy friendly place. We had fish n chips a kids burger and the above pictured pork , very good, great tater tots too. My advice is stay away from this place so we won’t have to wait to long to eat, just kidding we went Saturday night at at 7:00 pm. Only waited ten Minutes to sit down . It will be a new regular place for us ,


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