Sunday Selfie #26 9/27/17

My name is Joe Bryant and this is my weekly blog to discuss my life and lifestyle. This week I am reporting using my phone so I apologize for the brevity and formatting. I am temporarily without home internet so I guess we can start there


After MANY years with Comcast the poor customer service, continued increase in price and lack of any seeming sense that they were at all concerned about either led me to end a 15 plus year relationship.

I spent many of those years as an endorser for the company and was thrilled to be one as they were continually innovating and improving my home connectivity. I am not going to go on a rant but will just say that my cable bill has gone away and that saves me $250 a month. I ordered an HD Antenna for $11 from Amazon and I get more than 30 Channels with ZERO bill and a FAR SUPERIOR pieture.



Wednesday Century Link will install Internet which will be a flat $45 a month for life. I also bought an Amazon Fire Stick for $39 and will most likely go the Slingbox route. It I want to get tons of channels again it’s going to cost about $95 a month for everything which is way better than $250. I am also proud to me one of the more than 22 million Americans expected to make this decision this year. It’s a shame to have it come to this as I enjoyed the convenience of cable. But I don’t enjoy deceptive business practices and having to haggle like I am at a Tijuana street market to get a fair deal. There should be transparency in pricing and the best prices should go to your most loyal customers. Rant over but I will say that the temporary inconvenience is an OK price to pay to be done with those guys.


Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday Kelli and I celebrated #22 with a low key dinner at a local favorite Terry’s Kitchen. There was recently a story about who has the happiest marriages and it seems the couples where the wives are much hotter than their husbands fare best! I guess you could call it the King of Queens effect. I think the theory is the men are faithful because they have a hot wife (duh) and the women are happy because they don’t feel as much pressure to always be super perfect in competition with their studly husband. These photos are proof that I married into one of these wonderful relationships and we have been together for more than 26 years!

Happy Anniversary Monki! I love you Sooooo Much!!!

Joe’s Class and Loispalooza II

I can now be heard on the radio weekdays at noon. Joe’s Class is the only High School course taught live on the air as far as I know.  I am also fortunate to have many great friends to visit and help me teach it! Go to 889 The Bridge and click on the “Conversation” tab to hear interviews with Bob Rivers, Maura Gallucci, many of my stellar students and my best Rock Star friend Alan White of YES.

Alan has visited my school many time and he and his wife Gigi serve on my Advisory Board. This time Alan brought something very special to show the students, his RRHOF trophy! He also brought my student Dan a hat that I dont think he has taken off since Alan gave it to him!

Alan came to meet my new Class but also to jump in the air and discuss Loispalooza II Live Peace in Seattle.

It was 48 years ago this month Alan played the history making concert Live Peace in Toronto with John Lennon and that set is going to be recreated by Alan and Apple Jam on Thursday October 5th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. Alan’s band White will also be playing a set so you will get originals and YES favorites as well as violin virtuoso Geoffrey Castle.

I will be the Emcee and in addition to great music there will be some rare Rock Memorabilia to auction off. 100% of proceeds will go to our dear friend Lois Levin’s medical fund. There is also now an account set up at Wells Fargo Bank for Lois and you can donate at any branch by depositing in the  Levin Fund.

Tickets are $25 and are available at Brown Paper Tickets. I hope to see you and say hello at the Hard Rock which will certainly Rock Hard on October 5th!


Do you ever have recurring dreams about work? If you are a truck driver do you dream of wrecking or if you are a chef do you dream of burning food?

I guess I am officially a teacher now because last night I had a vivid “missing class dream”. It really made little sense as dreams often don’t but I for some reason found myself stuck in Seattle waiting on a friend to get done at a Dentist appointment,  when my class was starting on Mercer Island. I had no Sub and no idea what to do.

 As a Broadcaster I have had many “dead air dreams”. In the turntable age I would dream my record was running out and I had not cued up the next. Those evolved into me opening the microphone only to have no words come out of my mouth. Does everyone get these occupation related mini-nightmares? All I know is this was my first “teacher dream”, it was so vivid it woke me up, and I am thrilled it was only a dream and I still have a job. And speaking of that job I have a TON of grading to do so I will leave SMS for now so I can get my work done before the Seahawks game starts!.


I have not been dieting but have also not been gorging. The result is I am the same at 234 pounds. I really do want to get back to it but life is so busy at the moment finding time to eat is my real diet plan. I realize drinking from an occupational fire hose is a poor excuse and poor diet and I need to make healthy foods a priority. But I assure you my schedule is such that I truly am not sitting around eating Bon Bons all day. 🙂

Until Next Time

Go Hawks! Joe

2 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie #26 9/27/17

  1. Congrats on dropping cable! I dropped mine almost 7 years ago and have not missed the bill one bit, the streaming devices and HD antennaes are the way to go!
    I enjoy hearing you back on the radio and loved the interview with Bob. Keep up the great stuff. Happy Days to you and your bride.


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