Sunday Selfie #2 01.08.2017

Go Hawks!!! Welcome to my weekly weight loss and healthy living blog Sunday Morning Selfie!

For those who are first time readers this is the spot on the web where I hold myself accountable for my dietary actions and take a moment to literally look at where I am at on my weight loss journey and think of ways to make my upcoming week healthier.

If you just want the bottom line my weight this morning is …. drum roll…. 251 lbs. This is a five pound loss BUT, it could have been way better. I shall explain.

I promised myself no eating after 8:00 pm in last weeks blog and did well with that… until last night. Why do I seem to connect celebration to calorie intake?

I attended last nights Seahawks game and was doing great UNTIL it got cold and they started whipping up on the Lions.At halftime my toes were pretty cold and I went to get coffee. The coffee line was long but the “meat pie” line was short. I rationalized that I had never had one of these tasty things and I really needed the calories to keep warm. I think the “meat” part was OK but the pastry it was wrapped in is verboten on my new plan. (more on the plan in a bit) At least I did not buy a $12 beer to wash it down with.

So after the game, I am leaving the stadium, the city is FULL of energy and all is well until I see a massive traffic jam near where I parked. I also see a sign that says Gyros. So naturally I justify “waiting for the traffic to die” eating and have a wonderful Gyro sandwich. Once again a Gyro salad would have been a better option but the Hawks won and that was a perfect excuse to eat! BTW- This was also at 9:30 pm, well past eating time.

So, post Gyro I come home to a VERY happy wife. (home life is always more harmonious after a win. She HATES losing). We discuss that it is a shame we cant toast the victory then remember there is a bit of Fireball Whiskey left over from the holidays. ( drinking alcohol also verboten on my new plan but hey, the Hawks won and we need to get rid of this stuff anyway). So two generous pours killed off the bottle but also killed the, no booze New Years resolution seven days in.

Yes I lost five pounds this week BUT, how well would I have done if I had not deviated from my health plan with caloric celebration? Does this sound familiar? Do you associate consumption with celebration? How do we fix that? I will tell you how I plan to.

After I posted last weeks blog 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Founder Dr. Linda DeGroot reached out to me. I previously lost 60 pounds on 30/10 and there is no better way I know to lose weight in a healthy way.

The GREAT news is that Kelli and I are now clients of 30/10 in Renton and when I go in Tuesday morning at 9:00 am to weigh I will also take time to listen to one of the great audio sessions about getting rid of self sabotaging thoughts.

I started this Blog as a place for us all to have support and accountability. I am so grateful to Dr. Linda for reminding me how successful I was when I used 30/10. Being a client again will give me a AWESOME plan to follow and also have me double down on accountability.

When the Seahawks beat Atlanta next Saturday I want to have my head in a place where I don’t reach for a bottle or burger to celebrate. Since it is a road game that starts at 1:30 pm I will also make sure to prepare HEALTHY food to enjoy during the game!

If you are interested in 30/10 you can contact Dr. Linda as well and here is a link to the Renton location. .

I am just getting going and would love to have you join the program to track our success together and am available to answer any questions.

But whatever tools you choose to get healthy I hope that this Blog can become a source of mutual support for us all.

My promise to myself this week is to get the walking going. Part of 30/10 is light exercise so I vow 20 minutes on the treadmill every day this week. (I have one in my garage but have not fired it up in months)

May we all have good health and another Hawks win this week!

Until next Sunday, Joe

8 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie #2 01.08.2017

  1. I know everybody is different, but after smoking for forty years I NEEDED to quit. I’d tried lots of times. Related to your “hey, a meat pastry….hey, a gyro….” – these are spur of the moment urges, just like urges to smoke. Me, personally, when I quit smoking seven months ago, the only the that worked is pure will power: when the urge hit(s), I “merely” (ha!) tell myself “no!”
    I know that’s simplistic, but it’s worked for me. Consciousness, then resolve: “I am being lured by craving; I won’t be.”

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    1. Sounds like you are buddies with a guy named Will Power. Congratulations on the successful reprogramming Gordon! I gave up the smoking more than 20 years ago and remember how tough that was. The SINGLE best thing you can do to prolong life, quit stinking like an ash tray, and put lots of extra money in your wallet!


  2. Do not minimize a 5# loss. You know what you did and there may still be weight repercussions from the bad choices of yesterday. Just when I think I’ve dodged the bad idea bullet, the scale inches the wrong direction after being super good. I made my 5 day workout goal last week, and I’ll grind it out again. Keep on keeping on. See ya next Sunday!

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    1. Great job on the workouts! As a teacher I am finding it hard to make time. That is my goal this week and am only looking for a 20 minute walk window be available. Literally baby steps but gotta start somewhere!
      And also, thanks again for changing my life by pointing me towards being a CTE Teacher!


  3. Hey Joe, you did great! At least you only had one bad day, don’t beat yourself up too much and just get back on the bus. I started my 30/10 Journey in June and did good losing the weight. I have been on maintenance I think a couple months. Last two weeks have been challenging for me. I did really good through Thanksgiving and Christmas, but just after Christmas there was too much temptation at work and I gave in to some chocolates quite a few days in a row. I am going to the gym 3 times a week now so I hope to get back on track, I go into the Tacoma 30/10 tomorrow and I will listen to a tape and get back on track. I worked too hard to get here to just go back up. That’s what I love about 30/10 you can keep going in as many times as you need even after losing the weight. I still have one more visceral fat number to go down, then I will be at my personal goal. Remember it’s the way of life, not just a diet. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Congratulations Cheri!!! No doubt that the tapes help as the battle to change my brain is the key to changing my body. I am thrilled to be getting back on the 30/10 program and plan to join you as a maintenance client 50 pounds from now!


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