Sunday Selfie #3 01.15.16

Welcome to Sunday Morning Selfie! My name is Joe Bryant. I am a Seattle area Broadcast Media teacher and radio personality and am using this website to hold myself accountable to better health simply by posting a selfie and my current weight here every Sunday.

This site is a  self-help tool for me but I also hope some of the conversations we start here can be useful to anyone who seeks a healthier lifestyle.

I apologize for the lack of polish on the site and also for the “just rolled out of bed” photos. Perhaps I should have coffee and shave prior to my weekly documentation. I hope to put some time into developing the web platform but time is my biggest challenge at the moment and is also the topic of this weeks blog.

For those who are here just to make sure I am on track my current weight is …. drumroll .. 246 lbs. That is another five-pound weight loss and a total of 10 pounds down in two weeks!

The accountability to the Selfie AND the tools that I am receiving at 30/10 Weight Loss For Life in Renton are helping me stay on track and make good choices. 30/10 is a great program if you are on a crazy schedule as it takes the guess-work out of your eating.

30/10 also gives me double accountability as I now weigh TWICE a week. Once on Sunday mornings then my official midweek weigh in where my muscle mass, body fat etc. are also documented. If you would like to find out more about 30/10 I love answering questions and so does 30/10 co-founder Dr. Linda DeGroot.

As I mentioned I want to talk time but first a quick recap on the promises I made to myself last week. My Treadmill remains untouched. 🙂 BUT I am thinking 12-14 hour days and walking all over school is compensating for that. I realize that is me “justifying” and that it’s a ding on my “follow thru cred” but that’s just the way it is.

My eating plan for the Seahawks was more solid than the teams game plan and, while I am certain that I should have consumed less, an abundance of shrimp, roast pork and cut veggies with dip is WAY better than past playoff game choices I have made. I did have a couple of light beers as well and have to say the “Kirkland Light” is a good value brew! Once again this is a totally forbidden item and part of my “getting it out of the house by consuming it” justification. But I have made way worse Seahawks Playoff game decisions on both the food and brew point.

Now to time….. my schedule right now is absolute insanity! Building a radio empire with a staff of 15-17 year old’s is an all-consuming thing that often finds me starting the day with a 7:00 am meeting and broadcasting High School Basketball until 10:00 pm. We are hard at work building a NEW radio station that launches on 1/31. More to come on that soon. 🙂

So my question moving forward is, how do we prepare when we know we are going into a firestorm of activity that will leave little time for meal preparation? 30/10 is a big help but there is still a need to have your lean meat and lots of fresh veggies every day. Does anyone have any tips on systems to go into a week ready for health? Do you make out a menu or pre-cook food? Any tips are appreciated.

And for time management in general I would LOVE to hear how busy people prioritize and efficiently  accomplish your day-to-day tasks. This blog is already getting a bit long so I will spare you too many details but I have gone from having one teen with a busy schedule to having 40 of them.

By the way my one “official” teen and the love of my life, my daughter Emily can currently be seen in Guys and Dolls at Newport High School. I sold candy of Friday night and did not eat a single M and M! ( glad I listened to the 30/10 tape on will power). The show runs thru next weekend and is lots of fun.

In addition to Emily’s play I had a Rotary Student of the Month Luncheon for two of my Seniors on Tuesday ( lots of salad, broccoli and roast beef. NO desert ), and a recent announcement of my students winning national Golden Microphone awards has added planning a field trip to New York to my very busy life.

Obviously I am not complaining as my whole purpose is to help my daughter and students be successful and these are the time commitments I LOVE.

However, with Semesters end, a NEW radio station to be built, a Senior in High School and a multitude of other committees, classes etc. how do I fit it all in AND stay focused on proper diet and exercise?

Your thoughts?

My promise to myself this week is to journal my intake. 30/10 provides you with a food diary but I need to get a system working where I take time to fill it out. I am sticking to the plan but need to document my intake to get feedback on my visits. How do YOU track diet and exercise?

I would love to hear your thoughts, If you are still reading I apologize for the length and, what might be considered “lack of useful content” by some . I started SMS to be a bit of a personal reflection and am mostly writing for me but I also don’t want it to be boring to read!

Happy Post Seahawks Season Sunday – Joe 🙂

13 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie #3 01.15.16

  1. Told you I would stick to this with ya Joe ….down 9 #😊
    Also let our star ⭐️ Emily know that she always shines
    Love to you , Kelli, Emily and Bandit

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  2. Thank you for your inspiration Joe! I have rejoined Weight Watchers and have you to thank for getting me going. I have been successful in the past but find that I need to stop thinking of it as a diet and more of a lifestyle change. Not an easy thing to do. My time has started to become more of my own as my kids have grown (my youngest and Emily were in preschool together!) and now I just need to take the time and use it wisely!

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  3. Congratulations Shannon! With time I know we all get the same amount but some seem to get way more accomplished that others. I am finding myself with way less time for myself which I don’t mind at all. But I do need to find ways to keep all the balls in the air a bit more efficiently!


  4. I haven’t tried them yet Joe, but another friend tried the Salad in a Mason Jar, she said that she prepped for the week and the one she made for Friday was still good…If you don’t have Pinterest you might want to have an account. There are tons of great ideas! Thanks for the honest accountability in your life! Makes me think that I can accomplish this as well! I know you are super busy, but would love to get together sometime to maybe go on a hike on some of our fabulous trails we have around here.

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    1. For sure Joan! If it ever gets above freezing lets take a hike. I will look into Pinterest too. While this is a Healthy Living blog it is also an attempt for me to learn more about the web and new media. Thanks for the tip!


  5. Hey Joe, good job on losing 5 more pounds. I am on 30/10 maintenance, but have put on a couple pounds lately. I find that sometimes I eat stuff out of habit not hunger. We just have to break the habit. I have been having a few extra chips and salsa and too many almonds a day. Oh and a few pieces of chocolate. So I need to cut them out completely again. And I haven’t been doing my walking like I used to really due to how dang cold it has been. Although I am going to the gym 2-3 times a week, they say building my muscle up will equal gaining weight in muscle which has been shown in my weigh ins. I like the fact that I can go to 30/10 anytime I need to. Right now I am going every other week, but may start weekly again just to stay on track.
    What I did every Sunday is I cut up all my lettuce and put it in a big Tupperware so every night I all I had to do was cut up the other veggies for my salad that I eat every day for lunch. Also now that I can have meat with my salad I keep out enough from the night before dinner for my salad. I make my own dressing, I like a sweet/sour dressing. I use the Walden Farms pancake dressing, apple cider vinegar and sesame oil in equal amounts.
    Keep it up Joe you will do fine.

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    1. Congratulations on all the 30/10 success ! I look forward to joining you on the “for life” part of the plan in about 50 lbs! And yes, Walden farms is my go too syrup AND salad dressing. Just had the ranch one on Spinach for lunch!


  6. Hi Joe, glad you’re focusing on healthy eating. I’ve never had to lose a large amount of weight, but have always gone up & down from chubby to a normal weight & back. My successes all involve tracking and being honest about what and how much I put in my mouth. I tell myself lies as soon as I quit tracking, so have learned to hold myself accountable most of the time. I use MyFitnessPal to track my food intake, calorie output w/ exercise and joined a boot camp class and yoga class and make myself go. I’m much happier when I sweat out my stress. Re food for the week – I cook chicken breasts on Sunday and cut them into bite-size pieces. I also buy healthy pre-washed greens (Organic Girl Power Greens), arugula, baby spring mix so all that has to happen is to cut up baby tomatoes & cukes and pack a small container of salad dressing. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks for the tips Marcia. My wife Kelli grilled up chicken last week or I would not have done very well. Going with burger tonight. (maximum lean). Not a weeks worth but at least a couple of extra.
      And yes, I never tell a lie…. except to myself with every stray BLT (bites, licks and tastes) !


  7. Hi Joe keep up the good work. I joined Tops just before Halloween and I’m down 18 lbs. I’m trying to use my sundays to make a big salad that last most of the week and I’m trying to make healthy lunches that I can nuke at lunch along with my salad. I got an instapot for Christmas and it’s amazing how fast you can cook with it. We would love to see you sometime please send our love to your girls xoxo

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